Restore NTBACKUP Files via NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool!

Recover or Restore Backup file by using NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool that helps you to repair corrupted or damaged BKF files and helps you to recover and restore it at a location determined by you only.

NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool backup involves the storing of files, i.e., creating a duplicate copy (backed up data) of important data in different or same location for future requirements. In this way, if there is ever any loss of data on your primary machine, you still have your data in backup in order to restore those files.It is very important to back up our crucial in BKF files because when any important data or file get corrupt due to virus attacks, media corruptions and unexpected system shutdown.

Now you can restore your all the data from Backed up file of NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool is mostly used in creating backed up data for future use. NTBackup.exe is a part of the Windows Backup Utility used to back up files and folders.The BKF files help you to get back all your significant data at the time of data loss or data corruption or data deletion as you can restore all the data that you stored in these BKF files using the “Restore” tab present in NTBackup.

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Due to some reasons as to virus attacks, software malfunction, hardware malfunction, interrupted backups and CRC errors BKF files get corrupt. In this situation you can not get your important data from corrupted BKF files.

Some Common Error Messages When Backup File (.bkf) Corrupt:

»  The backup file is unusable. You must erase it, or choose another file
»  The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device.The backup operation will stop.
»  The backup file contains unrecognized data and cannot be used
»   An inconsistency was encountered on the requested media

To over come this problem we have a best and effective solution for you NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool to recover and repair MS BKF files for restoring your corrupt data. We recommend BKF Repair Software. This utility is a advanced bkf repair and very effective backup recovery tool to repair, rebuilds or restores corrupt MS Backup files (.BKF) that fails to open. This Software opens, extracts or searches files from corrupt MS Backup BKF file created using NTBackup.exe or Windows Backup tool.

Key Features of BKF Repair Software:

  1. Easy to use and flexible to operate.
  2. Friendly user interface.
  3. Repair BKF files of unlimited size.
  4. Supports all versions of Windows.
  5. Range based scaning.
  6. Privew of files before saving.
  7. Metadata of files are restored.

Our Company has added new feature in NTBACKUP.exe File Restore Tool. This is "Range Based Scan". It helps you to extract only a small portion from any large sized BKF file. Get BKF Repair Tool and scans your corrupt BKF file and extract file content. BKF Repair software having easy to use wizard-like interface that helps all non-technical users in recovering corrupt bkf files.


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