0xe000fe30 Windows XP Error Occurs while Restoring Backup Files

BKF Repair tool is an advanced solution which is used to avert the issues of backup corruption. Satisfaction of users is the aim of company and it also provides many free facilities that make your way of work easier. It keeps files metadata as it is as before.

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Quick Scan (Quick Recovery), Deep Scan (Complete Recovery), and Range Based Scan (percent recovery) are the features of BKF Repair that successfully work in all situation of BKF corruption.

PROBLEM: When I attempt to restore my filename.bkf file using NTBackup.exe utility, the backup job fails and shows error message. This error messages occurs every time when I try to restore this backup file.

Jason Bourne


Final Error Code:  a000fe36 HEX (0xa000fe36 HEX) or e000fe36 HEX (0xe000fe36 HEX)
Final Error Description:  "Corrupt data encountered. See the job log for details."
Final Error Category:  Resource Errors
Error Text In Job Log:  "Warning:  %File% is a corrupt file. This file cannot verify."


The above stated error message occurs at that time when you try to update or restore corrupted backup files. Corruption can be happen due to many reasons. Some of the reasons of corruption are given below:

  • Hardware or Software Malfunction
  • Backup File Header Corruption
  • File System Errors or Virus Infection

Above mentioned error message 0xe000fe36 Windows XP Backup Error] occurs due to corruption and to resolve corruption issues you have to get BKF Repair tool which is equipped with useful and powerful attributes that easily extract content of backup files after corruption. For free evaluation, Company provides trial version that scans corrupted items and generates its preview. After analyzing trial version of BKF Repair tool, if you feel better then order its full version to achieve complete and accurate results.


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