How to Restore Data from a Corrupt BKF Files BKF Repair Tool

Try using BKF Repair Software as it is easy to use and fast BKF files Recovery Software and involve only few simple steps to recover bkf files/data as follows:

    Open BKF Repair that you have download (demo/full version)

Go to Start » Programs » BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair, start-up screen appear as follows:

    Load corrupt/damaged BKF files:

Click on Browse button, to open & load corrupt BKF files.Then, this will take you to the browsing option as shown below:

    Select the corrupt BKF file:

Click on open button, to load corrupt BKF files.

    Select a scan mode:

Quick Scan: This scan mode provide quick scans .bkf files.

Deep Scan: This scan mode scans the files which are highly corrupted.

Range Based Scan: This scan mode scans a certain portion of the selected BKF file.

    After selecting the "scan" mode:

BKF Repair reads bkf file & displays files and folders after completely loading BKF file.Then software start loading process to load the selected BKF file as shown below:

    The scanned files/folders are shown in a Hierarchy.

    You can search for particular files, images, pictures using Search from the top of the screen.

    After this, click Extract button to save or Extract Files the files & folders from corrupt BKF files.

    As you click on Extract button software will ask you to locate the location that you want to save the files as shown below:

    After completion the software shows a message providing the location

    After that software shows the path of your extracted files.

    Open and view the files.