BKF Error 23110 – Unknown Error with Archive 5580 Tape Drive

Archive 5580 tape drive is a data storage device "that is magnetic tape" which is used to read and write data on it. It has long archival strength and it provides you sequential access storage than a random access storage which you use in disk drive like: CD, DVD etc. But if you are using NTBackup.exe utility to backing up your database with Archive 5580 tape drive in Windows NT Operating System then it is considered that it should be latest firmware that starts with letters CCC like: serial number CCC60512. So that you will easily restore backup files with an ease at the time of need. Sometimes we receive some issues from users that they are unable to restore backup files in Windows NT with Archive 5580 tape unit and it got following error message like: "23110 – Err Msg: Unknown Firmware Error with Archive 5580 Tape Drive".

Unknown Firmware Error

Generally above mentioned error message occurs when you use those tape unit models which has a serial number that starts with the letters AAA or BBB. These two models of tape drive do not support Windows NT Hardware so it is important for you that you get latest firmware tape because it successfully works with Windows NTBackup utility.

Restore Backup Files from Tape Drive with BKF Repair Tool

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Peculiarities of BKF Repair Software in a Glance

  • Compatibility with Windows 98, ME, NT,XP, 2000, Vista and  Win7
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