What is NTBackup.exe?

NTBackup is far more capable than most people realise, containing state-of-the-art features . When used correctly and in conjunction with freely available enhancement software you can implement a backup strategy with NTBackup and avoid costly backup software from third parties.

Windows Backup (NTBackup) is Windows' built-in backup solution. It was included for the first time as part of Windows NT and subsequently in Windows 2000, XP Pro and Windows 2003 Server. Although Windows Backup does not appear to be included in Windows XP Home, you can install it from the XP Home CD. We get our data from NTBackup through NTBackup.exe command.

An earlier backup solution (MSBACKUP) was provided in earlier 16-bit Windows versions, but MSBACKUP is not covered by this website. NTBackup was originally developed by Seagate Software in conjunction with Microsoft. Seagate Software subsequently became Veritas, who recently merged with Symantec.

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