BKF Repair Tool – NTBackup Repair

The  NTBackup file contains important and crucial backup data and information. It is created with the NTBackup utility in Windows. Using this tool, you can backup your mails, files, applications and all other data on defined storage media. In case of any disaster, you can easily restore your data from this file.
Corruption to this NTbackup file would make your backup data inaccessible through NTBackup. To repair corrupted NTBackup data, you need software which can repair NTBackup file.

BKF Rpair software is the best NTBackup  repair software, which is capable to repair NTBackup file in all possible circumstances of corruption. This can repair NTBackup files of unlimited size

BKF Repair Tool Supports all versions of Windows(98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/7).


NTBackup File Restore Tool

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