BKF Repair Tool – NTBackup Restore

NTBackup data may get corrupted due to several reasons such as improper system shutdown, application malfunction, virus attack, CRC error and media read error. After corruption, you can not restore your data from your NTBackup file. To get your data restored, you need to restore the NTBackup data using third party software that is a repair tool.
NTBackup restore can easily be done using BKF Repair software. BKF Repair software allow us to accurately restore NTBackup files. It is an easy to use software, which provides error free NTBackup recovery in all possible scenarios of corruption.

The software performs complete restoration in only few steps. The steps for restoration are discussed below:

  • Go to Start >> Programs >> BKF Repair. Open BKF Repair.
  • Click on Load button, to open & load corrupt NTBackup files. Then, this will take you to the browsing option
  • After selecting click the Open button. BKF Repair reads NTBackup file & displays files and folders after completely loading NTBackup file. Then software start loading process to load the selected NTBackup file.
  • After this, click Extract button to save or Extract Files the files & folders from corrupt NTBackup files.As you click on Extract button software will ask you to locate the location that you want to save the files. Follow these four simple steps you can restore your NTBackup data that was corrupted.


NTBackup File Restore Tool

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